Was born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
Graduated State Academy for Design and Art in Kharkov.
Lives and works in Moscow.
Art projects
2014 Founded Teresa Creative Union of sex-workers and artists, in partnership with Alexandr Vilkin and Diana Portlend, St. Petersburg
2013 Founded the FEMINIST KITCHEN an art platform integrating artistic and social projects aimed against social injustice and the subordinate role of the woman in the society, in partnership with Oksana Sarkisyan and Vlad Chizhenkov, Moscow
One-man shows

2017 INBOX: Victoria Begalskaya together with Teresa Creative Union. Mu HA. Antwerp, Belgium

In cooperation with Alexandr Vilkin
Light Cube Art Gallery, Ronse, Belgium

2016 Rafflesianism. Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg
Those who have a stomach. In cooperation with Alexandr Vilkin. pop/off/art Gallery, Moscow
2015 Gertrude. In cooperation with Alexandr Vilkin. pop/off/art Gallery, Moscow
2013 Podes and Antipodes, Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney
Be Deadly, Alaska Project, Sydney
From Valia with Love, Vanishing Point, Contemporary Visual Art Space, Sydney
2012 Zigy. pop/off/art, Moscow
2011 Shame. Gridchinhal. Dmitrovskoe village, Moscow
2009 Luquid Sky. Parallel project in frames of the 3 Moscow Bienniale of Contemporary Art ПROEKT FAБRИKA, Moscow
Every Girl Has Her Own Paranoia. Arsenal Gallery, Kiev
2008 The Only Ones. Era Art Foundation, Moscow
2004 I would like to dig you. Guelman Gallery, Kiev
Group Exhibitions

2017 IT’S TIME FOR ME TO DECAY AND YOU TO BLOSSOM.. Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg


2016 Mir, Trud, Maj. Ostend, Belgium

Trans- people. The state of insecurity. Eyrmilov Centre. Kharkov, Ukraine.

2015 Army Boots Crave Tenderness. Puppet show, Lyuda Gallery, St. Petersburg

Exhibition of the nominees for INNOVATION 2014, NCCA, Moscow

2014 APHRODITE’S GIRDLE. Puppet show, Lyuda Gallery, St. Petersburg
PAINTING EXPANSION, Moscow Museum, Moscow
2013 PUSSY RIOT AND THE RUSSIAN TRADITION OF ART REBELLION, Meet Factory, Internotional Center of Contemporary Art, Prague
2012 IN AN ABSOLUTE DISORDER. Russian Сontemporary Art. Kandinsky Prize (2007-2012), Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain
2011 Kandinsky Prize 2010, The Central House of Artist, Moscow
Free Spaces. Special Project in Frame of the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2010 Parallel Films – Remakes, Sequels and Prequels of Cinema and TV Products. Кnoll Gallerie, Wien

2009 History of Russian Video Art. Volume 2. Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Ermolayevskiy, Moscow
2008 A(rt) R(ussia) T(oday) – Index. The Latvian National Art Museum, Riga
2007 Photoquai. World Visual Arts Biennale, Paris

From Russia With Love. Kunst Meran, Merano, Italy

2006 Postorang. Kunsthalle Karlplatz, Vein, Austria.
Zone of Risk. Transition. III Bishkek Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Bishkek, Kirghizstan

Revolution. Transit Art Space, Stavanger, Norway

2005 Vooruit. Gent, Belgium
Brussia. Europalia 2005, Brussels, Belgium

And She Was. Transit Gallery, Mechelen, Belgium

Gender Troubles. Special Project in Frame of the 1-st Moscow Bienniale of Contemporary Art,
Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Ermolayevskiy, Moscow, Russia

2004 The Seven Sins. The Museum of Moderm Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015 ROST AIR, Lofoten, Norway
The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin,Moscow
Zarya, Vladivostok
2013 Olympic Park, Sydney
MUKHA, Antwerp, Belgium

NCCA, Moscow

Zarya, Vladivostok

MMOMA, Moscow

Era Foundation, Moscow